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Books at Dr. Chgman.
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The subject reflects the actual content of a page. The tags indicate the website area where a page is located (such as the Z-Factory, the Z-Wiki, Z-University or the Z-Consults), while they also reflect the category within that area (such as CMN2go or SCMBeans within the Z-Factory, or Z-Recipes or Z-Practices within the Z-Wiki).

Target Audience

The Target Audience indicates the relevance of an item to certain target audiences, such as a ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk Operator, an IT Auditor, etc.

Access level

The access level indicates the authorization level (= public, member, subscriber, ...) required to get access to the specific content item in the Z-Factory, the Z-Wiki or the Z-University. The authorizations of a specific website user (visitor, member, etc) depend on the current subscription status of that user.

Calendar type

The calendar type is a technique to group together various date related topics, e.g. roadmaps, events, etc. to facilitate displaying them in a calendar.

Website Roadmap

The website roadmap is a technique to schedule new (upcoming) website features (these tags are visible only for website content managers).

Newsletter type

Type of newsletter issue

Document status

The document status indicates the current work-in-progress-status of a specific content item (these tags are visible only for website content managers).

Release ID

The release ID indicates the release ID of an item, either already released, or planned for a future release. The tags indicate a release number (such as 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc.), while they also indicate the nickname of that release (such as Orval, Chimay, etc).