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Turning to Z-ModeTurning to Z-Mode is a new way of doing business to get (and keep!) your ChangeMan ZMF instances up and running. When it comes to implementing and/or managing ChangeMan ZMF, you can, of course, try to do it all yourself. But soon you'll want (need) things on top of vanilla ChangeMan ZMF, like:

  • special customizations to make ChangeMan ZMF work in your environment.
  • all sorts of ChangeMan ZMF documentation on top of the traditional user and admin manuals.
  • training about various ChangeMan ZMF topics.
  • additional manpower to assist you in implementing ChangeMan ZMF.

We've been there, we've done it, and this for the past two decades or so. Back in the 90s, it used to be that various types of ChangeMan ZMF consultants were on the road most of the year. A few of them would just drive to the ChangeMan ZMF customer that asked their assistance, most of them would have to fly, and some of them (with some very high degree of specialization in certain SCM areas) would even be traveling to other continents. Some of our consultants (now part of the Dr.Chgman team) have been doing this, for many years, including flying to other continents to get the job done.

However, as time passed, things like remote dial-in connections became more common. Something that the above mentioned consultants really appreciated.Because now they "only" had to be on the road for say 50% of their time. the other 50% they could work from their own offices (and finally they could have some type of social life).

More recently, with all sorts of internet based technology, globalization, etc, there is hardly any reason left for a ChangeMan ZMF consultant to come on site. Just think of things like (highly secured) webinars, content management systems (CMS), eLearning, collaboration via the net, etc.

That is exactly what we mean by switching to Z-Mode, because many of the traditional ChangeMan ZMF related needs can now be covered via:

  • The Z-Factory, where you can learn and download all sorts of customizations to make ChangeMan ZMF work in your environment.
  • The Z-Wiki, which contains all sorts of ChangeMan ZMF documentation on top of the traditional user and admin manuals.
  • The Z-University, offering eLearning courses about various ChangeMan ZMF topics.
  • The Z-Consults, for on demand manpower to assist you in implementing, maintaining and/or supporting ChangeMan ZMF.

And on top of all this, by switching to Z-Mode, you also get a chance to get in touch with other ChangeMan ZMF users (and not only ChangeMan ZMF administrators, but also release managers, IT auditors, etc.). Think about the "old fashioned" ChangeMan ZMF global conferences, where ChangeMan ZMF administrators would get together for a few days to learn, to exchange experiences and to meet peers. All this is now possible on a permanent (all year long) basis, and at no cost.Forget costs like airline tickets, hotel bills, etc.

If you're interested in learning and discovering more about, we suggest you start with exploring 10 reasons for switching to Z-Mode and our free introduction offers. After you did so, you should also consider checking out the Z-Membership pages. In case you have any questions or suggestions about, please do not hesitate to forward them to us.