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Lesson 1: Getting started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF

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Dr Chgman's Training about XML services in ChangeMan ZMFThis lesson starts with an historical overview of where the XML services in ChangeMan ZMF originate from, after which some basic concepts of XML in general are explained.

The lesson then explains of how the use of XML is implemented in ChangeMan ZMF via its SERXML-clients, and how each XML service can be narrowed down to a common anatomy.

The lesson ends with an explanation of the XML colors, and with some recommended documentation containing more information to get started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF.


  • From CMNAPI ... Via RPCs ... to SERXML.
  • What is XML.
  • Benefits of XML in ChangeMan ZMF.
  • Hello XML world.
  • The XML clients.
  • XML anatomy (input).
  • XML anatomy (output).
  • The XML colors.
  • The helping hands.