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Company history

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Company history AbitMORE has a long history with ChangeMan ZMF, illustrated by:

  • some of facts and figures about AbitMORE.
  • our involvement in existing features in vanilla ChangeMan ZMF.
  • our contributions to various ChangeMan ZMF events around the world.

Some facts and figures about AbitMORE

  • Founded in 2000, located in Belgium.
  • Over 100 man-years of ChangeMan ZMF experience, in 3 continents.
  • Customers in Europe and USA, in various industries, such as (incomplete list …):
    • Banking & Finance
    • Manufacturing
    • Transport & Logistics
  • Certified by SERENA Software to use ChangeMan ZMF's XML services, already since 2004 (less then a year after the XML services were introduced in ChangeMan ZMF 5.3).
  • To our knowledge, there is only 1 person around the world (i.e. the ChangeMan ZMF's support manager at SERENA ...) who has been working with ChangeMan ZMF longer then AbitMORE's founder and current CEO (initially trained in ChangeMan ZMF by that same person in the late 80s ...).
  • Partners around the world (USA, Europe, etc).

Co-design of ChangeMan ZMF

Some existing features in vanilla ChangeMan ZMF (many of them used at many ChangeMan ZMF implementations today) were originally designed by some of the core developers behind Here is a summary of some of them (incomplete list ...):

  • Audit à-la-carte (CMNEX02*), we even invented the name ...
  • CMNAUDRC, to overrule the ultimate result of a package audit (so that in the end you might even write your own audit).
  • Rework promotion skeletons by transforming duplicate coding to appropriate imbedded skeletons (to simplify customizations).
  • The functionality to automatically add scratch request for ILOD components (with occasionally the "no related ILODs" ISPF msg).
  • XML service Package/Audit/Service became available only in ChangeMan ZMF 5.5, per our enhancement request for it in ChangeMan ZMF 5.3 (in which this service was missing ...).
  • Back in the early 90s we already solved the issue of long name support in ChangeMan ZMF (release 4.1.0 ...), via ChangeMan ZMF's selectable option "ESF" (it would take about 2 more decades for ChangeMan ZMF 7.1 to also support it ...).
  • Read about AbitMORE relationship to ChangeMan ZMF's ERO option ...
  • The first version of XMLSERV (the prototyping tool for XML services) seemed to be inspired (and not just Abit ...) by AbitMORE's RPCs@Work dialog (AbitMORE's prototyping tool for RPC services, the predecessor of XML services) ...
  • Contact us if you're interested in learning about even more samples like this ...

AbitMORE's contributions to ChangeMan ZMF events

  • Legacy sponsor of SERENA’s global conferences:
    • Las Vegas 2005 (Silver sponsor).
    • Washington 2006 (Gold sponsor).
    • Chicago 2007 (exclusive Platinum sponsor).
    • Las Vegas 2011 (the only legacy sponsor).
  • Participation in various ChangeMan ZMF events:
    • Legacy organizer of the yearly ChangeMan ZMF BeNeLux user groups (since 1999, typically the 2nd Wed of December).
    • Speaker at various regional and global ChangeMan ZMF user groups.
    • Organizer of various regional ChangeMan ZMF XML workshops (as a followup or replacement of the traditional 2 days SERENA training about green and yellow services).