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The ChangeMan ZMF documentation is probably in here ...

Dr.Chgman's Z-Wiki documentation for ChangeMan ZMFThe Z-Wiki (for short the Z-Wiki, pronounced as zwiki) contains all sorts of information and in depth documentation about ChangeMan ZMF, not included in standard ChangeMan ZMF manuals. This kind of documentation was typically produced by experienced ChangeMan ZMF administrators and consultants.

Exploring (navigating) and/or searching for content within the Z-Wiki is facilitated in various ways, such as:

  • Topics are organized (tagged) by Z-Wiki categories.
  • Topics can be narrowed by down based on target audience so that only those topics are shown that are relevant to the selected target audience.

The difference between the Z-Wiki and the Z-Factory is that for the Z-Wiki there is no specific piece of software (a customization or a Z-file) involved. Instead Z-Wiki items are typically delivered in some sort of document with step-by-step instructions, hints-and-tips, warning bulletins, etc.

A special word about the wiki-part in what we've baptized Z-Wiki: the general perception of a wiki system is that its content cannot always be trusted, and that using a wiki system is usually entirely free. As you move around in these Z-Wiki pages, you'll understand right away the tremendous efforts and investments we have done to put all this together (to build content, to ensure quality, to facilitate its use, etc). Not to speak about expanding it in the (near) future.

To encourage development of Z-Wiki content by Dr.Chgman, you can also participate in the Z-Bounties program. Funders of Z-Bounties help us to enhance the Z-Wiki content in particular areas of interest to its users.

Last but not least, you may also want to checkout the Z-Wiki Roadmap, which will give you an idea of what we currently have in mind about additional Z-Wiki topics for the near future.

To further explore the Z-Wiki, consider checking out any of these topics (note that the list of topics is limited if you did not register yet or if you did not login yet):