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XML services in CMN/ZMF - Getting started

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The XML services available within ChangeMan ZMF allow for all sorts of interfaces to ChangeMan ZMF, like:

  • special ChangeMan ZMF customizations.
  • automation of repetitive tasks.
  • custom reports.

During this training course participants will get a jump-start introduction to these XML services.

  • Getting started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF:
    • Historical overview of where ChangeMan ZMF's XML services originate from.
    • Basic concepts of XML in general.
    • Anatomy of any XML service in ChangeMan ZMF.
    • Available SERXML-clients to invoke ChangeMan ZMF's XML services.
    • Understanding the available XML service colors in ChangeMan ZMF.
    • Recommended documentation to get started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF.
  • Using XMLSERV to perform XML prototyping.
  • Functional overview of all available XML services.
  • Addressing the challenges (missing features, etc) to use ChangeMan ZMF's XML services successfully.
Duration (hours): 
Z-Course Dependencies
General Prereqs: 
  • Even though knowledge of ChangeMan ZMF is a prerequisite for this training session, it does not assume any XML specific prerequisite.
  • It is intended to be a complement to available training courses about XML services, offered by SERENA Software, though those courses are not a prerequisite.