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Dr Chgman's Z-Deficiencies documentation for ChangeMan ZMFNot one software product is perfect, there will always be known issues that hopefully will get resolved in the next release of the software. However, if you ever run into such issues, and then afterward talk about it to somebody, that peer may answer with something like "oh yes, I know that issue, I've run into the exact same problem!".

Addressing the ChangeMan ZMF issues that are like something is lacking or inadequate (like bugs?) is the main purpose of this Z-Deficiencies section. So that by studying this section, you hopefully can prevent the issue from happening, before some other peer asks you "Have you not read about this issue in the Z-Wiki?".

Below is an overview of all the topics that fit into this category (visible only if you did register already and after login). To get an overview of future topics that fit into this category, please checkout the Z-Wiki roadmap. If you have other topics that you think fit into this section, please let us know!