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Website features

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This website uses various state-of-the-art internet facilities, to just mention a few:

  • Its content is entirely managed by the well-known CMS system Drupal (checkout Powered by Drupal for more details), which comes with all sorts of features that are used throughout this site. Such as the ZMF Cloud which is based on tagging facilities and which allows the content of this website to be organized, filtered, searched, etc. depending on (e.g.) the background (job function) of the website users.
  • The My Dr.Chgman offers various facilities to enhance the user's website experience.
  • The Z-Rewards system (compares to a frequent flyer program).
  • It offers features such as RSS-syndication, share/save (to exchange information with other websites).

Many more website facilities will be enabled in the future, such as:

  • FAQs.
  • Votings.
  • Quiz-es.