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Dr Chgman's Z-Clues software solution documentation for ChangeMan ZMFThis section contains information about a possible solution for each of the issues mentioned within the Z-Issues. It is the documentation about how a possible solution of the specific Z-Issue might look like.

These Z-Clues actually contain the details about the customization that we ever implemented at a ChangeMan ZMF customer before. So with Z-Clues you learn how you can build the customization yourself (which we know/assure solved the issue already at another ChangeMan ZMF customer).

Apart from the Z-Clues, you might also want to consider the Z-Files, which is simply the complete set of software related to the specific solution of the issue described in the Z-Issues. This software is fully compliant to what is documented in the Z-Clues also, and includes installation instructions, info about configuration options, etc about the software.

For each solution within the Z-Clues, you will find:

  • A description of the solution.
  • An example to illustrate the solution.

To access any of the Z-Clues, start from the related Z-Issues, which includes (typically near the end of it) a link to its Z-Clue.