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Facilities to reduce CMN/ZMF's resource consumption and enhance its overall performance

Dr Chgman's Tuneups for ChangeMan ZMFChangeMan ZMF is a very rich product and can be customized in many ways. Which is what many (if not all …) ChangeMan ZMF customers have done. However, ChangeMan ZMF also has some challenges as it relates to:

  • Reduction of ChangeMan ZMF's resource consumption (don't expect your MIPS to go down by introducing ChangeMan ZMF ...).
  • Various performance issues which may be enhanced (sometimes even with some minor customizations that should be part of the base ChangeMan ZMF product).
  • Keeping a ChangeMan ZMF environment in good shape (as years go by, there are quite a few ChangeMan ZMF maintenance activities that should be performed, at least so now and then, if not on a regular basis).

The TuneUps category therefor covers topics to reduce ChangeMan ZMF's resource consumption and enhance its overall performance.

Below is a list of all available topics (Z-Issues) that fit into this category, with more upcoming topics in this category mentioned in the Z-Factory roadmap.

If you have other topics that you think fit into this category, please let us know!