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Show user options and V0x-variables in CMN/ZMF jobs

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Failures in user initiated jobs (like checkout, stage, audit, promote, ...) may be caused by special (or missing) values for so called &V0x variables and/or user options. Typical failures are:

  • invalid (or simply missing) values for DSN=... in a staging job.
  • entire jobsteps that are missing (because of some skeleton variable that has an unexpected value, or just no value at all).

Once you start building customizations based on XML services, you often trigger ChangeMan ZMF submitted jobs that where tailored without first processing one or more ISPF panels. This in turn may lead to such special or unexpected values of &V0x variables or user options (because the customization is not made XML tolerant / compliant).

It is not always obvious for a ChangeMan ZMF support team to trace back the actual values for these &V0x variables and/or user options used (requested) in these user initiated jobs. About the only thing you can do (hope for), is to rely on what the user is saying about the values that were provided (and then try to trace that back to the reason for the failure).

Consider the approach to address this issue as documented in the Z-Clues (login required).