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Empty packages

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A change package is assumed to contain changed components and/or scratch requests (in 2 decades we have not ever found 1 ChangeMan ZMF customer that's using the rename function, so let's skip that one). Fine, but where do those empty (= no components + no scratch requests) packages come from?

Let's not worry about the empty packages created today (let's hope someone will start putting content in it tomorrow or so after getting back to work).

The problem with those empty packages is that they eat up some space (records) in the ChangeMan ZMF control file (CMNPMAST). And depending on the scenario used to end up with such empty package (e.g.: checked in some components, activated them, and then deleted all of them from the package), there may also be a few (up to a few dozens?) of empty staging libraries allocated by ChangeMan ZMF.

Why would we want to keep such empty staging libraries? What would be wrong in just deleting such empty packages again during ChangeMan ZMF housekeeping? If any package would have been deleted accidentally (somebody did not get to work yet because of vacation or sickness ...), it would take 30 secs at max to create a new packages.

For more details about this issue, checkout this related link: Report about all such packages.

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