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Non-BAS packages not moving anymore

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Change packages follow a life cycle, starting from the creation of it, up to the installation of it into production (and optionally followed by a backout it needed). That's the theory, and also what happens most of the time.

However consider some change package that was created by some ChangeMan ZMF user, whereas such package is not yet installed in production (not BAS yet). What happens with such package if the ChangeMan ZMF user quits the company (variation: moves on to another job within the company)?

Unless there is some procedure in place to hunt for such packages, these packages will continue to hang around forever. Because ChangeMan ZMF is not assumed to take any further action on such package, like installing it in production or just deleting it (somebody will have to instruct ChangeMan ZMF about what to do with such package).

Note this variation also: what about all the components that were checked out, staged, scratched, etc by such userid (in packages not created by that userid)? Similar issue, but more hunting is needed to also discover these situations.

For more details about this issue, checkout this related link: Report about all such packages.

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