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Using ChangeMan ZMF - Advanced topics

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Advanced functions and uses of ChangeMan ZMF, providing lots of details about all sorts of advanced ChangeMan ZMF functions.

  • Simple, participating and complex packages
  • Temporary and unplanned package concepts
  • Resolve any audit out-of-synch conditions
  • Merge & Reconcile (M+R, formerly CDF)
  • Utility requests (scratch and rename)
  • Unfreeze, Recompile, and Relink
  • Scan and compare
  • Package Monitor and Backout functions
  • LCT card processing (for developers)
  • Understandinging the translation utility CMNWRITE
  • DB2 option
Duration (hours): 
Z-Course Dependencies
General Prereqs: 
  • Knowledge of TSO/MVS and ISPF.
  • Knowledge of software development and software change migration.