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How to earn Z-Rewards

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There are a number of ways to earn and accumulate Z-Rewards (and we change it periodically). You have to be a registered user and logged in to get Z-Rewards.

You earn Z-Rewards just for:

  • registering.
  • inviting friends.
  • posting content.
  • leaving a valid comment (that is, you don’t get points if your message is removed by an editor).
  • participating in polls and voting.
  • contributing Z-Mods (yet another topic coming up at
  • participating in beta testing of Z-Files.
  • contributing articles that fit into the Z-Wiki.
  • etc.

The amount of Z-Rewards will be expressed in so called "points", which you'll earn by being active on Here is a sample of how this may be implemented (attention: we're still working on the actual implementation of this, so the amounts mentioned are still subject to change):

  1. Registering > 50 points
  2. Voting > 10 points
  3. Commenting > 50 points
  4. Submitting certain webforms > 25 points
  5. Offering suggestions > 75 points
  6. Submitting an invitation to someone for > 50 points
  7. Accepted invitations by someone you invited > 50 points

Bottomline: Z-Rewards are to be considered as an incentive for users to participate and be active within

To be complete: in certain cases you may also lose (part of your) Z-Rewards, e.g.:

  • when you exchange your Z-Rewards to subscribe for selected products or services available at
  • you don't respect certain rules we try to enforce within, such as:
    • Obscene or off-color comments.
    • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language.
    • Plagiarized material.
    • Commercial promotions.
    • Hyperlinks to material that is not directly related to the discussion.
  • if you fail to earn any Z-Rewards for 12 consecutive months, your Z-Rewards will expire.