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There is a lot of content to discover and explore at Finding your way around may be overwhelming at first. That's why you should consider checking out some recommended website content that fits best with the way(s) you use ChangeMan ZMF.

As an example, if you are a ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk operator, for sure you should consider the tour for ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk operators. However, since ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk operators often also "use" ChangeMan ZMF as a regular user (to stage, checkout, promote, etc), they should also consider the tour for ChangeMan ZMF Users.

To start your journey, just select what is appropriate for you from the links below. Note that these links will guide you to additional website content, whereas part of that content is only accessible for authenticated users. So if you're not logged in yet, and want to take full advantage of this guided tour, you should consider logging in first. And of course, if you don't have a userid for logging in, you should consider free registration also.