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Using ChangeMan ZMF - Getting started

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Introduction to functions and uses of ChangeMan ZMF, which is the foundation (and pre-req) for additional ChangeMan ZMF training classes, to provide general knowledge about major ChangeMan ZMF functionality.

  • General concepts and facilities, including:
    • ChangeMan ZMF's Change Packages.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Lifecycle.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Library Structure.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Architecture.
  • ChangeMan ZMF terminology.
  • Navigating the various ISPF panels in ChangeMan ZMF (Primary menu options and Build menu options).
Duration (hours): 
Z-Course Dependencies
General Prereqs: 
  • Knowledge of TSO/MVS and ISPF.
  • Knowledge of software development and software change migration.