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XML changes in new CMN/ZMF releases

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Publish XML compare reports for identifying differences between any 2 releases of ChangeMan ZMF, such as 7.1 (or 6.1) as compared to 6.1 (or 5.6, 5.5 or 5.3), even to find differences between 2 patch levels (such as ChangeMan ZMF version 7.1.3 versus version

Such compare report can be used to find all (repeat: all ...) changes in request tags or result tags, or to identify all (repeat: all ...) new or obsoleted XML services. This report helps a lot (not just Abit ...) to upgrade any existing XML based applications to a new version, release or patchlevel of ChangeMan ZMF.

Here is a (partial) sample already of such report:

Section 2 : Overview of new/deleted tags per service
Services for which no new or deleted tags were found are not listed

info = <del> or <new>
       <del> : tag no longer present in CMN7131 (compared to CMN713)
       <new> : new tag in CMN7131 (compared to CMN713)
type = -I- or -O-
       -I- : request tag of that service
       -O- : result tag of that service

Service  Message  Scope    Color    info  type  XML tag name
-------- -------- -------- -------- ----- ----- -------------------



SYSTEM   ENVIRON  LIST     GREEN      -O-  Passphrase



What is more: if you know all the changes in XML, you can predict already (without reading any ChangeMan ZMF release notes ...) what kind of related changes (in skeletons, panels, etc) you may expect in such new release of ChangeMan ZMF

AbitMORE SCM Commander already comes with a solution (out of many) to produce such report (actually the above sample was also created with it), And this on demand, for any version, release, modification, or even patch level of ChangeMan ZMF. It is just one (out of many) reasons why AbitMORE SCM Commander users wouldn't want to think anymore of all the pains (and risks ...) related to upgrading to a new ChangeMan ZMF.

Reminder: if you're in a hurry (anxious) to get Dr.Chgman to deliver it faster, consider contributing via the Z-Bounties program.