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Please checkout the testimonials below regarding the company and some of the people behind


"Pierre brings a unique talent for software development and integration with our product Change Man ZMF. His skills and that of his employees positions them to be able to add value to our customers. For these reasons, I recommend Pierre and AbitMORE." -- Doug Troxel, SERENA Software founder & director.

“Pierre is a terrific technician: I know him since the 90s and he has always been great in defining product requirements and road maps that have been helping software makers to accomplish the needs of a global international market. He has created its own company showing a good management capacity and taking advantage from his expertise, he has builts its own products and developed its own distributors network. In all this job Pierre has demonstrated himself as a complete and skilled manager.”-- Franco Ricotti, NessPRO Italy SpA.

“Pierre is an extremely results oriented person. In my work, with Pierre, he was solely focused on helping his customers succeed. He considers any obstacle as a challenge to find a creative solution. I can heartily recommend him for any customer engagement, either pre or post sales.” -- Robert Kennedy, Product Manager, Serena Software.

“Pierre is a true leader in mainframe software change management. I had the opportunity to work with Pierre at a customer site where he continuously came up with creative and innovative solutions to the customers’ needs. During my time at Serena when I was the Product Manager for ChangeMan ZMF I used to keep a list of the top 10 ChangeMan ZMF experts in the world, and Pierre was always listed as number one. The ideas behind the ChangeMan ZMF Enterprise Release Option (ERO) option came from Pierre. During several meetings in Belgium he convinced me of the needs and importance of a multi package release process. I have always considered Pierre to be an expert, friend, and leader in mainframe software change management.” -- Steve Solomon, Product Manager, Serena Software.