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Lesson 1: Xnode datasets for install / backout

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ChangeMan ZMF uses a set of PDS members to perform the installation (or later the backout) of a package (in a selected local or remote site). These members are stored in what is called Xnode data sets.

Some facts about these (extremely important) data sets (incomplete list ...):

  • ChangeMan ZMF creates these data sets automatically at freeze and/or final approve time (1 such PDS for each production target).
  • They are removed as part of housekeeping (when the staging libraries are aged).
  • ChangeMan ZMF creates these jobs via file tailoring of skeletons like CMN10, CMN20, CMN21, CMN30, CMN50, CMN55, CMN65, etc (there are many more skeletons involved in all this).

As a variation of these Xnode data sets, ChangeMan ZMF also uses a similar (but not exactly the same ...) set of Xnode data sets for promote / demote to execute a (local or remote) promote or demote.