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Tools to simplify CMN/ZMF's global and application administration

Dr Chgman's CmnAdmin solutions for ChangeMan ZMF administrationMaintaining a set of ChangeMan ZMF subsystems can be quite labor intensive, e.g. as it relates to:

  • performing (mass) application administration.
  • extending available administration options to avoid hard coding in customized panels, skeletons.
  • ensuring that no orphan our outdated data keep hanging around in ChangeMan ZMF's control files (eg CMNPMAST), so that they complicate introducing additional customizations (in panels, skels, etc) in the future.
  • etc.

The CmnAdmin category therefor covers topics that simplify ChangeMan ZMF's global and application administration.

Below is a list of all available topics (Z-Issues) that fit into this category, with more upcoming topics in this category mentioned in the Z-Factory roadmap.

If you have other topics that you think fit into this category, please let us know!