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ChangeMan ZMF solutions in the SCM cloud

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About Cloud computing

Organizations need flexible IT environments that help reduce costs, accelerate processes and simplify management. Cloud computing transforms traditional ways of doing business into a more dynamic environment that expands and reduces capacity and resources depending on requirements.

Cloud computing combines the available resources in a network, which then becomes "the cloud" that provides access to resources on demand.

Adopting a cloud-computing strategy helps businesses conduct their core business activities with greater efficiency and flexibility. It enables greater utilization of existing capacity and resources while also providing the ability to handle peaks. Applications can be managed more easily using a cloud-computing based approach.

What offers is committed to helping businesses deploy, experiment with and test cloud computing offerings such as those included in the Z-Factory or the Z-Wiki. These offerings are all constructed in such a way that they meet different companies' ChangeMan ZMF requirements. also provides businesses with the tools they need to adopt to cloud-computing for running and maintaining ChangeMan ZMF, and helps organizations to migrate to a cloud environment through a range of services such as Z-Consults (a set of ChangeMan ZMF related consultancy services) and the Z-University (ChangeMan ZMF related training services implemented in the format of eLearning).