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ChangeMan ZMF Application Administration - Getting started

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This is an in-depth introduction to ChangeMan ZMF's application administration functions, which is also the foundation (and pre-req) for ChangeMan ZMF's global administration training classes.

  • Configuring a ChangeMan ZMF Application:
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Lifecycle (application parms).
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Library Structure:
      • Library types and baseline libraries.
      • Local and/or remote promotion or production sites.
      • Promotion and/or production libraries.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Security Architecture.
      • Package approvals configuration.
      • Promotion authorizations configuration.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Programming Languages and Compile Procedures.
    • Configuring logical DB2 subsystems.
  • Navigating the various ISPF panels in ChangeMan ZMF related to application administration.
  • ChangeMan ZMF Administrators involved in the customization, installation, configuration or optimization of ChangeMan ZMF.
  • ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk operators assuming they are authorized / responsible also for performing application administration also.
  • Release managers who want to learn about how ChangeMan ZMF can help them implementing (and enforcing) their release management procedures.
  • IT Auditors who want to increase their understanding of ChangeMan ZMF's functions and processes.
  • Users such as Operations control, project leaders, development managers, .... interested in learning more about ChangeMan ZMF and its key concepts.
Duration (hours): 
Z-Course Dependencies
General Prereqs: 
  • Knowledge of TSO/MVS and ISPF.
  • Knowledge of software development and software change migration.