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Dr Chgman's Z-Assist servicesZ-Assist provides On Demand assistance from experienced ChangeMan ZMF consultants about either:

Using ASR and ASC for these Z-Assist services has a ton of benefits, such as:

  • Speed to get something done using ASR or ASC (a matter of seconds or minutes, instead of usually hours ...if not days ... or even weeks/months).
  • Flexibility (agility?) of what can be done with ASR or ASC. This typically relates to all sorts (dozens, hundreds?) of variations that exist when it comes to using ChangeMan ZMF's XML services.
  • Quality of any work completed using ASR or ASC: when we say "done", we just mean "done" ... trust us.
  • Know-how included in ASR or ASC: we've been using ChangeMan ZMF's XML services for about a decade now (we were one of the very first adopters of XML services, starting with a background then of using CMNAPI, CMNAPI2 and RPCs already for over a decade also). So we've done it, we've been there, we've seen it before.

For short, the key (and secret?) to our success with Z-Assist services, is our speed and flexibility with which we can deliver quality and know-how. Keep this in mind if you're looking for something in ChangeMan ZMF that is right, fast and cheap ...

Checkout the links below for more details on any of these Z-Assist services. If you're interested in learning what it takes to take advantage of any of them, please contact us.