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Core Competencies

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Mainframe computerA Core Competency is a unique ability that a company acquires from its founders or develops and that cannot be easily imitated. Core competencies are what give a company one or more competitive advantages, in creating and delivering value to its customers in its chosen field.

At, our core competencies include:

However, for building, running and supporting a site like you need more (and not just Abit ...). The people behind know what it is to make ChangeMan ZMF fit the requirements of an individual ChangeMan ZMF customer (every site has their unique requirements). They have been there (literally, onsite, at many ChangeMan ZMF implementations). And they have experienced over and over and over again all the traditional issues (mostly enhancement requests, sometimes just bugs).

That's also why AbitMORE has a lot of experience (for over 2 decades now) in just knowing what ChangeMan ZMF customers are asking and looking for. Illustrations of this can be found in:

Most of the illustrations above are options or services that just any ChangeMan ZMF customer should consider using. But then there are all those tiny (?!?!) customizations, extensions, enhancements, documentation issues and techniques. If you've been in the ChangeMan ZMF field as a consultant or as a ChangeMan ZMF administrator, you (should) know quite a few of them. Think of what it would take to have all the variations of it (each ChangeMan ZMF implementation is unique ...) supported by vanilla ChangeMan ZMF. And more important all the knowledge you'd need about how each ChangeMan ZMF implementation uses the same vanilla ChangeMan ZMF product in different ways. We at AbitMORE, after 2 decades with ChangeMan ZMF (starting from ChangeMan 3.2.1b up to 7.x these days) have a tremendous amount of expertise to offer in this area. Expertise that can be found throughout ...