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This website has been constructed (and will continue to evolve) with various target audiences (groups of users) in mind, such as:

  • ZMF Administrators, those who typically install and customize ChangeMan ZMF, and (try to) keep it running.
  • Helpdesk operators, the people who receive the first line support calls, user questions etc about ChangeMan ZMF.
  • Release managers, who typically use ChangeMan ZMF to activate software changes in (pre-) production environments, usually at predefined monthly or quarterly dates and time frames.
  • Operations control, a group of people that is responsible for managing and restarting all kinds of production batch jobs (quite often during non-business hours), of which ChangeMan ZMF production installations of (unplanned) software changes is usually only a small number of such jobs (but with sometimes major impact if not performed correctly).
  • IT Auditors, who often search for all sorts of information stored somewhere in ChangeMan ZMF, and who typically contact ChangeMan ZMF administrators to find and get the information they are looking for.
  • ZMF Users, the highest number of users of ChangeMan ZMF like developers, tester, project managers, approvers, etc.

Each of these groups use specific features of ChangeMan ZMF corresponding to their job function, e.g.: a release manager rarely performs a checkout of a component, while a developer is usually not authorized to promote to highest level of a pre-production area. These groups are the typical groups that we've been working for during the last 20 years or so. If you feel you don't fit into any of these groups and would like us to consider adding another group, please let us know and we'd be happy to consider adding more groups.

Many pages within this website have been tagged to facilitate the use of this website for each of these target audiences. Using these tags, all pages for a specific target audience can be located easily. As a sample, Release managers can find all pages targeted to release managers by simply clicking on the tag [Release manager] (below the main menu near the top), and this on any page containing such tag. Checkout Available Target Audience TAGS for a complete list of all such tags.