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Common skeletons, includes, EXECs, etc

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To tune (customize) the delivered ChangeMan ZMF software, or to introduce "new" customized components, you will find yourself coding the same set of lines of code over and over. A few samples to illustrate this:

  • jobcard info.
  • STEPLIBs, JOBLIBs, SYSEXECs, SYSPROCs, etc that have concatenations with site specific DSNs.

Especially in vendor supplied ISPF skeletons there are a lot of hardcoded values (like DSNs, etc) that require customization. Apart from the issue about these traditional site dependent DSNs, etc (which you find in virtually any vendor software), you also have larger chunks of ChangeMan ZMF specific ISPF skeletons that are repeated in lots of skeletons over and over. Partially because they have not been developed with the ChangeMan ZMF skeleton coding techniques in mind.

By grouping together all such code, you can reuse such components over and over again.

Interesting thought, no? But where do you start and how should such reusable set of components look like?

Consider the approach to address this issue as documented in the Z-Clues (login required).