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Outdated LTPs, DSNs, entities, ... in appl admin

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ChangeMan ZMF 's application administration facilities are yet another amazing, extremely powerful feature. It's flexibility is one of those things what makes it so much fun for a ChangeMan ZMF admin to be working in the ChangeMan ZMF sphere. You can add library types as much as you want, and extremely fast. Same for designing and implementing a library structure (DSNs related to promotion, baselines and production). Or connecting various ChangeMan ZMF functions (like approve, promote, etc) to selected entities in your security system. Etc, Etc. You can even automate many of those things with the XML services available in ChangeMan ZMF.

So far the good news, because this flexibility also has a disadvantage ... Some day the requirements change, and some of these application administration entries become outdated or obsoleted (e.g.: some type of compiler output is no longer used/needed). In such case you should consider also removing those entries from application administration again. And also from customized ISPF panels, skeletons, etc. But before you can (safely) do so, you might first have to remove all components (related to the obsolete admin feature) from existing change packages that are not yet install in production (typically all DEV and FRZ packages). And that may turn out to be a lot of work. Using XML services you can automated that work quite a lot also, but for that you should be experienced enough with XML. For all these reasons, what most often happens is ... nothing at all. Which is where outdated application administration entries originate from. Maybe we (SERENA?) should consider some type of admin-trash-feature to address this issue?

Reminder: if you're in a hurry (anxious) to get Dr.Chgman to deliver this item faster, consider contributing via the Z-Bounties program.