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Structure of the Z-Factory topics

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For each item (topic) in any of the Z-Factory categories categories, the information about it consists of the detailed problem description, and the solution for it (both documentation and software). That information is structured as follows:

Dr Chgman's Z-Issues problem statements for ChangeMan ZMF The Z-Issues contain the problem statements for commonly known issues in ChangeMan ZMF (mostly enhancement requests, sometimes problem tickets).
Dr Chgman's Z-Clues software solution documentation for ChangeMan ZMF The Z-Clues contain the documentation about how a possible solution of the specific Z-Issue might look like. It actually contains the details about the customization that was ever implemented at a ChangeMan ZMF customer before. So with Z-Clues you learn how you can build the customization yourself (which we know/assure solved the issue already at another ChangeMan ZMF customer).
Dr Chgman's Z-Files software solutions for ChangeMan ZMF The Z-Files is simply the complete set of software related to the specific solution (compliant to what is documented in the Z-Clues also), including installation instructions, info about configuration options, etc.

Once you digested all the information available in the various Z-Factory items (topics), you'll better understand what we actually mean by developing add-ons to ChangeMan ZMF that are:

  • easy to use (self explaining, with hardly any support issues).
  • flexible (delivered in a format that allows many different usages of it).
  • configurable (packaged with options to adapt them to your needs without modifications).
  • easy to upgrade to new ChangeMan ZMF releases (with no, or hardly any, effort to do so).
  • virtually independent of any ChangeMan ZMF release (any of them will do).

Sometimes the functionality of some of these solutions are added to a new release of ChangeMan ZMF. In that case you should consider these solutions anyway for as long as you haven't done the upgrade to the new ChangeMan ZMF release. And once you upgraded to the new release, you may realize that even then you don't want to disable the solution (since it offers more functionality as the equivalent feature in the new ChangeMan ZMF).

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