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Thumbs upAfter you've explored the sections like Z-Wiki, Z-Issues, Z-Clues and Z-Files, you'll for sure realize the tremendous effort (investment) done so far to create the current content of these sections (and related downloadable solutions).

But, one never realizes what has been done, only what remains to be done

That's at least what we experience so far: many ChangeMan ZMF customers are really excited about the existing content of these sections, but lots of these customers also have MORE (and not just Abit …) requests for either additional solutions or enhancements to existing solutions. Of course we are happy about such feedback, and we are happy to continue to add a lot (not just Abit) of additional extensions and enhancements. However, we also have our limits (even though we constantly keep pushing the limits …). And that's why we have started the Z-Bounties program …

The Z-Bounties are designed to encourage development of Z-Files software and/or Z-Wiki documentation by Dr.Chgman's certified core developer(s). Funders of Z-Bounties help developers to enhance Z-Files in particular areas of interest to its users. Make sure to correctly understand what a Z-Bounty is all about: a Z-Bounty is to be considered as an investment made with the expectation of a commensurate return, and not as a donation rendered out of compassion.