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10 reasons for switching to Z-Mode

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If you're wondering how to justify switching to Z-Mode, here are some considerations that may help:

  1. Many Change Man ZMF customers will upgrade soon to a recent ChangeMan ZMF release such as 7.1.x (to avoid running a ChangeMan ZMF release that is out of support). Instead of going the old road, which is to retrofit "old" customizations in yet another new release, consider a clean house operation by transforming as many as possible old (ugly) customization to the approaches included in various Z-Files.
  2. Think about the length of your ChangeMan ZMF backlog, wouldn't it be great if Dr.Chgman could help you to get it delivered (right, fast and cheap)?
  3. What about the maintainability (complexity) of your existing ChangeMan ZMF customizations?
  4. Think about the amount of customizations (skeletons, panels, rexx-es, etc) you actually have today, wouldn't it be great if you could reduce them by transforming them in some kind of vendor versions?
  5. Are you interested in improving the overall performance of your ChangeMan ZMF environments?
  6. By implementing specific solutions available within the Z-Factory and/or the Z-Wiki, you can (actually "you will for sure ...") reduce the amount of resources needed for ChangeMan ZMF.
  7. Think about the amount (and types) of support calls you receive at your ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk from all sorts of ChangeMan ZMF users, during or outside business hours (wouldn't it be great if you can reduce that amount quite a bit ...)?
  8. How much longer can you (and/or your ChangeMan ZMF users) wait for various outstanding (some already for decades) ChangeMan ZMF enhancement requests, quite a few of these requests are available via
  9. On top of the various solutions available within the Z-Factory and/or the Z-Wiki, you even have the Z-Support option to get technical support for them (who else do you have to help you on maintaining your ChangeMan ZMF customizations, e.g. to upgrade them to a recent ChangeMan ZMF release?).
  10. What about ChangeMan ZMF training (where do you get that from)?

To address these kinds of ChangeMan ZMF challenges, many ChangeMan ZMF customers hire (expensive and hard to find) ChangeMan ZMF consultants. But as time passes, it becomes more and more difficult to get the budgets approved to hire such consultants. Switching to Z-Mode is definitely an alternative to consider! And by the way, ChangeMan ZMF users will love the various new features and concepts available via ...