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Features related to CMN/ZMF helpdesk operations and production follow-up

Dr Chgman's console solutions for ChangeMan ZMFThough most of ChangeMan ZMF's users are in the development area, these developers also depend on other ChangeMan ZMF users like:

  • ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk operators (e.g. to assist developers asking for some extra help about ChangeMan ZMF).
  • People from the operations control (or production followup) area (e.g. final approvers of emergency changes).

The Console category therefor covers topics to facilitate the ChangeMan ZMF related work for a ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk operator and/or production followup.

Below is a list of all available topics (Z-Issues) that fit into this category, with more upcoming topics in this category mentioned in the Z-Factory roadmap.

If you have other topics that you think fit into this category, please let us know!