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The ChangeMan ZMF solution is probably in here ...

Dr. Chgman's Z-Factory The Z-Factory contains all sorts of in depth documentation and plug-and-play software for ChangeMan ZMF, which is not contained in standard ChangeMan ZMF. Everything originates from real world requirements, experiences, practices and needs in various ChangeMan ZMF implementations.

Exploring (navigating) and/or searching for content within the Z-Factory is facilitated in various ways, such as:

  • Topics are organized (tagged) by Z-Factory categories. Each topic (a specific Z-Issue) in any of these categories the information is structured via its related links, i.e. the Z-Clue and Z-File corresponding to the selected Z-Issue.
  • Topics can be narrowed by down based on target audience so that only those topics are shown that are relevant to the selected target audience.

As an alternative, checkout the Top 10 ChangeMan ZMF Customizations, which is one of our typical presentations at a global SERENA xChange conference.

This presentation contains a ranking and previews about many of the popular customizations, most of them have made it to the Z-Factory also.

It also contains some details about various techniques used to create such customizations.

To encourage development of Z-Files software by Dr.Chgman, you can also participate in the Z-Bounties program. Funders of Z-Bounties help us to enhance the Z-Files (and its related Z-Issues and Z-Clues) in particular areas of interest to its users.

Last but not least, you may also want to checkout the Z-Factory Roadmap, which will give you an idea of what we currently have in mind about additional Z-Factory topics for the near future.

To further explore the Z-Factory, consider checking out any of these topics: