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Using ChangeMan ZMF - Operations control

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Introduction to functions and uses of ChangeMan ZMF specific to deploying the content of change packages (created by ChangeMan ZMF Users) in pre-production (test, QA, ...) and/or production areas.

This course is recommended for anybody authorized to initiate and monitor these deployment features of ChangeMan ZMF, typically Operations control and/or Release managers.

  • Navigating the relevant ISPF panels in ChangeMan ZMF (Query Package, Promote and Approve).
  • Typical problems during promote or install
    • Package not ready for further processing
    • DB2 binds problems
    • Space/directory problems
  • How to restart failed installation jobs
  • How to handle unexpected returncodes in CMN* pgms
  • How to use ChangeMan ZMF to investigate prod abends
  • Suggestions for Operations control and/or Release managers
Duration (hours): 
Z-Course Dependencies
General Prereqs: 
  • Knowledge of TSO/MVS and ISPF.
  • Knowledge of software development and software change migration.