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How to exchange Z-Rewards

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After you earned and accumulate a certain amount of Z-Rewards, you will be able to exchange these Z-Rewards for other products or services within

Even though the catalog of all the things you can get for Z-Rewards is currently still in development, we are considering things like:

  • upgrading your (free) registration to some type of subscription.
  • get discounts when subscribing for certain paid services.
  • licensing specific Z-Files solutions.
  • getting access to certain training courses within the Z-University.
  • using them as Z-Bounties (to get other Z-factory or Z-wiki topics delivered).
  • etc.

A sample of how this may be implemented (attention: we're still working on the actual implementation of this, so the amounts mentioned are still subject to change) could be related to certain paid services for which you will be able to exchange some of your Z-Rewards (points) for a certain discount, as in this example:

  1. Access to Premium Content at 1,000 points gives you a 10% discount.
  2. Access to certain Z-Clues: 200 points gives you a 20% discount.
  3. Access to certain Z-Files: 500 points gives you a 50% discount.

For short, after earning Z-Rewards (by participating and being active within you will have various ways to exchange them to get even more out of