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Z-Apps On Demand

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Z-Apps On Demand is about creating a customized version of any of the Z-Apps, so that it perfectly fits the requirements. Developing (on demand) a brand new set of components that fit into the Z-Apps category (and where they will be added to also) is a variation of it.

Another way to explain it is that with Z-Apps On Demand, the development (optionally including maintenance also) of customized ChangeMan ZMF software components is outsourced to


The pricing of Z-Apps On Demand is based on the amount of time (hours) it takes for Dr.Chgman to deliver the new or custom version of the Z-App, which includes:

  • gathering the actual Z-App specifications.
  • developing it (using AbitMORE SCM Commander, a matter of hours, say a few days at most).
  • packaging it (so that the Z-App can be executed as a standalone application).
  • delivering it.

Most commonly it turns out to be a matter of hours or days, say a week at most.


To illustrate how Z-Apps On Demand applies to real world situations, consider any of these examples (to apply various types of mass updates in ChangeMan ZMF):

These examples are actually built-in solutions that come (out-of-the-box) with AbitMORE SCM Commander and which will soon be released also as separated Z-Apps.

All of these examples already do an extremely good job in addressing the needs that they were originally designed for (think of what it takes to complete such tasks in ChangeMan ZMF if you don't have them available). However, here are some minor (customer specific?) tweaks that might have to be applied to them to make it 100% fit the requirements:

  • Add some extra target selection criteria to limit the processing to (e.g.) only packages created by a specific userid.
  • Add an execution option to either "Simulate Only" or "Actually Execute" it.