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Check availability of all CMN/ZMF started tasks

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Periodically, typically at the beginning of business hours, you should do an (automatic) verification that all your started tasks are "up", and this across all Z/OS images where at least 1 ChangeMan ZMF STC runs.

A variation of this is verifying that each of these STCs have been started with the correct options (to avoid other problems such at package installation time), to mention a few:

  • The jobname of the STC.
  • The type of ChangeMan ZMF subsystem (D-, P-, DP- or ALL-site).
  • The name of the (remote) site that the STC corresponds to.
  • ...

The more STCs (ChangeMan ZMF subsystems) you have, and or the more Z/OS images you have that run ChangeMan ZMF, the more time consuming it'll be to just "go check" that they are all up.

Therefor this verification process needs to be automated, e.g. via some report indicating any problems (like started task down) for all of the available started tasks.

Consider the approach to address this issue as documented in the Z-Clues (login required). As an alternative, checkout AbitMORE SCM Commander which already comes with a solution (out of many) to produce such report.