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User defined relationships

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Create a SCMBeans solution to make ChangeMan ZMF create and maintain a Bill Of Material for selected (like source) library types, using a technique that was first introduced in AbitMORE SCM for IDMS/ADSO.

This Bill Of Material can then be used:

  • to perform all sorts of impact analysis (using vanilla ChangeMan ZMF's scan function), applied to either:
    • baseline libraries, which might predict all sorts of SYNCH5-like problems by just looking at the components PDF statistics, without even running a standard ChangeMan ZMF audit.
    • promotion libraries, which can be used for performing impact analysis on components (or new versions of them) not yet installed in production (standard ChangeMan ZMF's impact analysis function only supports components installed in production).
  • to make vanilla ChangeMan ZMF automatically produce SYNCH7/8 flags to manage (user defined) relationships.
  • as input to launch autoresolve requests in mass (for components in other packages, for baseline components, etc).

For a variation of this issue, checkout the question (on about How do I get CMNASIST to put Assembler Macros in Impact Analysis File? (without a real answer there).

Reminder: if you're in a hurry (anxious) to get Dr.Chgman to deliver it faster, consider contributing via the Z-Bounties program.