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Ways to contribute to

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The investment done already in developing the current content within the Z-Factory (i.e. the Z-issues, Z-Clues and Z-Files software) and the Z-Wiki documentation is huge. Many ChangeMan ZMF customers are really excited about the existing content of these sections, but lots of these customers also have MORE (and not just Abit …) requests for either additional solutions or enhancements to existing solutions.

Of course we are happy about such feedback, and we are happy to continue to add a lot (not just Abit) of additional extensions and enhancements. To get an idea of our (near) future plans, checkout our roadmaps (login required) related to the Z-Factory, the Z-Wiki, the Z-Consults or the Z-University, and be aware that these roadmaps keep extending ...

However, we also have our limits (even though we constantly keep pushing the limits …). After all, we're an IT company (not a bank ...) with ChangeMan ZMF professionals involved that have to make their living from it ...

That's why we have these fund raising programs in place:

  • Various flavors of subscriptions, which is used for:
    • developing and maintaining all sorts of content for
    • operating (building website infrastructure, hosting the website, administration, etc).
  • The Z-Bounties program, which is designed to encourage development of Z-Files software and/or Z-Wiki documentation by Dr.Chgman's certified core developer(s). Funders of Z-Bounties help developers to enhance Z-Files in particular areas of interest to its users.
  • Consider hiring us via any of our Z-Consults services programs, you'll be surprised about our extremely competitive rates (or fixed time/fixed price proposals), combined with our tremendous expertise and know-how we have to offer. Don't believe us (yet) on this, challenge us to proof it to you.

Apart from contributing via the programs mentioned above, you can also contribute in either of the following ways:

  • Help us spread the word about
    • If you love, let people know! Write articles and reviews for internet or print publications.
    • If there is anything on that you don't like, let us know (so that we can try to repair, extend or enhance it).
    • Encourage your friends and peers to "test drive" (send them invites to also register ... for free).
    • Just use the Share/Save button you can find on any page.
  • Help us refining and extending the content of even more (as in AbitMORE ...):
    • You can help to correct any spelling and/or grammatical errors in various sections and pages of this website.
    • You can participate in beta-testing things like new Z-Files solutions of new Z-consults offerings.
    • You can be promoted to working on official documentation and adding even more information to the website.
    • You can even become a certified core developer.
  • If you have any suggestions for additional content topics, please send us your feedback about it (you may be rewarded via some Z-Rewards for it).