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Powerful software packages to implement major CMN/ZMF extensions

Dr Chgman's Plugins for ChangeMan ZMFEven though ChangeMan ZMF is a very rich product, there are still quite a few concepts and features that are still missing in ChangeMan ZMF. Concepts and features that are on various ChangeMan ZMF enhancement lists for many years (even more then a decade …), and which have been asked by many ChangeMan ZMF customers.

The solutions that fit into category Plugins are to be considered as powerful software packages to implement major ChangeMan ZMF extensions, the complexity of coding behind those extensions sometimes compares to the selectable ChangeMan ZMF options (like M&R, DB2-option, IMS-option, even ERO).

Below is a list of all available topics (Z-Issues) that fit into this category, with more upcoming topics in this category mentioned in the Z-Factory roadmap.

If you have other topics that you think fit into this category, please let us know!