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Getting started with the Z-Factory

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The Dr. Chgman team is due to open the Z-Files on bizarre ChangeMan ZMF matters which, according to many specialists in the Software Change Management area, are still unsolved or even insoluble.

A Z-File begins with a Z-Issue (a teaser), which typically presents some mysterious topic that sparks the plot and tells the audience what Dr.Chgman has been investigating. The next sequence discovers the Z-Clue, the solution for the puzzling issue, recommended by Dr.Chgman. Finally, the last act let you download the Z-File as a ready-made solution.

The whole event is divided into these acts:

  1. Register for free and become a member.
  2. As a member you will have access to the description (problem statement) of the puzzling issue, the Z-Issue.
  3. Earn Z-Rewards (rewards implemented via so called "points") by using and/or contributing to the website.
  4. Become a subscriber of selected subscription types, such as a Z-Clues subscription, for which you may consider using your Z-Rewards to get discounts.
  5. As a Z-Clues subscriber you will have access to Dr. Chgman's recommended solution for the Z-Issue.
  6. Optionally build the solution as described in the Z-Clue yourself.
  7. Optionally upgrade your Z-Clues subscription to a Z-Files subscription.
  8. As a Z-Files subscriber you will be able to download, implement and use the solution developed by Dr. Chgman.
  9. Optionally order Z-Support for the Z-Files solution from Dr.Chgman.
  10. Optionally contribute to further enhancing the functionality of the Z-Files, via the Z-Bounties.

The scenario described above will get you started with the Z-Factory concept. But don't forget there is so much more to discover with, such as:

  • All sorts of information and in depth documentation about ChangeMan ZMF, located within the Z-Wiki.
  • On demand consultancy services for ChangeMan ZMF, available via the Z-Consults.
  • ChangeMan ZMF training offered in the format of eLearning, via the Z-University.