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Mass recall migrated data sets

Sometimes you need to recall a (huge number of) libraries, which fit a certain DSN pattern.

You're lucky if these DSNs (by accident) are just any of these:


Show user options and V0x-variables in CMN/ZMF jobs

Failures in user initiated jobs (like checkout, stage, audit, promote, ...) may be caused by special (or missing) values for so called &V0x variables and/or user options. Typical failures are:

  • invalid (or simply missing) values for DSN=... in a staging job.
  • entire jobsteps that are missing (because of some skeleton variable that has an unexpected value, or just no value at all).


Checkout the results of a scan

ChangeMan ZMF offers a very powerfull scan facility, which allows you to search for a set of members in a baseline library that contain a certain string. However, if you want to perform an action on these members (especially if you want to check them out), you have to write down the member names included in the scan results (which is just a report ... of sometimes hundreds of component names).

It should be possible to automate the process of checking out (to a staging or private library) the members included in a scan result. So that you can use this in situations like these:


ASR Runtime Environment for Z-Reports

Creating new ChangeMan ZMF reports, and or customizing any of the reports delivered with ChangeMan ZMF has always been a challenge. Mostly because it requires expertise in the REXX programming language and you need to have 'some' experience in using ChangeMan ZMF's (green) XML services. On top of that, ChangeMan ZMF does not come with any out-of-the-box charts (only reports).

Therefor, in most ChangeMan ZMF implementations, all such reporting (and charting) requests from any type of , gets routed to the (usually overbooked) ChangeMan ZMF administrators who might either not have the required REXX and/or XML experience, or don't really like to do such reporting work. Not to forget the effort that may be required when upgrading to a new ChangeMan ZMF release ...


Z-Apps On Demand

AbitMORE SCM Commander - mascotteAbout

Z-Apps On Demand is about creating a customized version of any of the Z-Apps, so that it perfectly fits the requirements. Developing (on demand) a brand new set of components that fit into the Z-Apps category (and where they will be added to also) is a variation of it.


Using ChangeMan ZMF - Getting started

Introduction to functions and uses of ChangeMan ZMF, which is the foundation (and pre-req) for additional ChangeMan ZMF training classes, to provide general knowledge about major ChangeMan ZMF func

  • General concepts and facilities, including:
    • ChangeMan ZMF's Change Packages.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Lifecycle.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Library Structure.
    • The ChangeMan ZMF Architecture.
  • ChangeMan ZMF terminology.
  • Navigating the various ISPF panels in ChangeMan ZMF (Primary menu options and Build menu options).
Duration (hours): 

Enable user defined edit macros in CMN/ZMF

Document what it takes to enable your own set of edit macros to be invoked when using edit in staging, together with some typical use-cases for it (i.e. to launch non-standard ISPF editor session, also called exotic editors).


XML Training for ChangeMan ZMF

Dr Chgman's Training about XML services in ChangeMan ZMFChangeMan ZMF 5.3.x (available since 2003) was the first release delivered with a very rich set of functions that allows you to perform many (though not all) tasks in ChangeMan ZMF without using ChangeMan ZMF's ISPF client (to communicate with the ChangeMan ZMF server, aka the CMN started task). This set of functions is commonly referred to as "ChangeMan ZMF's XML services" (for short: the "XML services").


Only show promotion candidates in selective promote

For at least a decade or so, there is a feature available in ChangeMan ZMF (probably from around version 5.3 or so) which is more or less "hidden" in CMNEX027, with a very misleading comment in it. It appears that hardly anybody knows about that hidden feature. By turning it on, during selective promote ChangeMan ZMF will only show a subset of components that can be promoted. I.e. it will only show components that fit any of these criteria:


Short selection list for selective promote in pre-ZMF 7.1

Dr Chgman's Z-Redbook documentation for ChangeMan ZMFThe ChangeMan ZMF 7.1 release notes contain a short note with a title like "Short selection list for selective promote", related to an option added to the promotion panel. However, for about a decade or so, a variation of that feature is already available in ZMF (probably from around 5.3 or so).

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