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[Operations control]

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How to exchange Z-Rewards

After you earned and accumulate a certain amount of Z-Rewards, you will be able to exchange these Z-Rewards for other products or services within


Using ChangeMan ZMF - Operations control

Introduction to functions and uses of ChangeMan ZMF specific to deploying the content of change packages (created by ChangeMan ZMF Users) in pre-production (test

  • Navigating the relevant ISPF panels in ChangeMan ZMF (Query Package, Promote and Approve).
  • Typical problems during promote or install
    • Package not ready for further processing
    • DB2 binds problems
    • Space/directory problems
  • How to restart failed installation jobs
  • How to handle unexpected returncodes in CMN* pgms
  • How to use ChangeMan ZMF to investigate prod abends
  • Suggestions for Operations control and/or Release managers
Duration (hours): 

Lesson 4: Products complementing CMN/ZMF's XML services

After completing the previous lessons in this course, it will be clear that the XML services in ChangeMan ZMF are an extremely powerful set of functions. But it will also be clear that there are quite a few challenges (missing features, etc) to use these XML services successfully.


Lesson 3: Exploring the XML universe

Dr Chgman's Training about XML services in ChangeMan ZMFTo actually start using the XML services, probably the biggest challenge is to become aware (and learn how to use) each of the available XML services.

This lesson starts with providing a functional overview of all available XML services, with an overview organised corresponding to the major ChangeMan ZMF concepts like administration, packages and components. Afterwards some special XML services (utilities and transfer facilities) are explained.


Lesson 2: Using XMLSERV for prototyping

Dr Chgman's Training about XML services in ChangeMan ZMFThis lesson teaches the use of XMLSERV, an  ISPF dialog that comes with ChangeMan ZMF and that can be used for XML prototyping.

The lesson also explains some deficiencies about XMLSERV, and explores some alternatives to XMLSERV.


Lesson 1: Getting started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF

Dr Chgman's Training about XML services in ChangeMan ZMFThis lesson starts with an historical overview of where the XML services in ChangeMan ZMF originate from, after which some basic concepts of XML in general are explained.

The lesson then explains of how the use of XML is implemented in ChangeMan ZMF via its SERXML-clients, and how each XML service can be narrowed down to a common anatomy.


XML services in CMN/ZMF - Getting started

The XML services available within ChangeMan ZMF allow for all sorts of interfaces to ChangeMan ZMF, like:

  • Getting started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF:
    • Historical overview of where ChangeMan ZMF's XML services originate from.
    • Basic concepts of XML in general.
    • Anatomy of any XML service in ChangeMan ZMF.
    • Available SERXML-clients to invoke ChangeMan ZMF's XML services.
    • Understanding the available XML service colors in ChangeMan ZMF.
    • Recommended documentation to get started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF.
  • Using XMLSERV to perform XML prototyping.
  • Functional overview of all available XML services.
  • Addressing the challenges (missing features, etc) to use ChangeMan ZMF's XML services successfully.
Duration (hours): 


Learn from the ChangeMan ZMF experts ...


Dr. Chgman Z-University for ChangeMan ZMF training

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge or skill through study, experience or teaching. It is a process that depends on experience and leads to changes in behavior. By learning about a common approach to implementing and using ChangeMan ZMF individuals can contribute effectively to ongoing improvement programs.

The Z-University is the place to be for various flavors of ChangeMan ZMF related training. Some of the available training topics are:



Dr Chgman's Z-Assist servicesZ-Assist provides On Demand assistance from experienced ChangeMan ZMF consultants about either:

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