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ChangeMan ZMF Xnode members + jobflow

To perform an install/backout or a promote/demote, ChangeMan ZMF uses a set of data sets for executing all required jobs.

  • The member names of these PDS members, which follow a certain naming convention.
  • The jobs contained in such PDS members (to actually promote, install, demote, backout, etc), and how they get triggered (jobflow).
  • Jobs that run locally (on the DP site) and jobs that run remotely (on the target site, if using remote sites).
  • Jobs that are always executed, and jobs that are only executed based on some conditions.
  • How to tune (customize) ChangeMan ZMF to create and submit your own additional PDS members in such data sets.
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Add restart instructions in Xnode jobs

A possible solution to eliminate these difficulties is to add restart instructions in all appropriate Xnode members, so that these instructions are available in any job listing of any Xnode job that may have to be restarted.


Lesson 1: Xnode datasets for install / backout

ChangeMan ZMF uses a set of PDS members to perform the installation (or later the backout) of a package (in a selected local or remote site).


Structure of the Z-Factory topics

For each item (topic) in any of the Z-Factory categories categories, the information about it consists of the detailed problem description, and th



Create powerful CMN/ZMF reports or charts without any programming

Z-Consults Categories

Dr. Chgman's Z-Consults categoriesAll items (topics) available within the Z-Consults area, are classified by category, i.e.:


Add restart instructions in Xnode jobs

In case of a failed installation of a change package, the failing job (typically the CMN10, CMN20, CMN21 or CMN30 job) needs to be restarted, after the reason for the failure has been addressed. Such restart typically needs to be initiated by operations control people (and quite a lot during non-business hours). To actually perform such restart, these people often encounter quite some difficulties that need to be addressed somehow:


Verify VSAM datasets as 1st step of STC proc

According to the ChangeMan ZMF manuals you should always shutdown the started task with the modify command to “orderly shutdown”, which then also ensures the correct closing of the VSAM files.

However, there are a few occasions where this simply does not happen, like:



Perform powerful CMN/ZMF operations from a single ISPF panel

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CMN/ZMF life cycle extensions providing additional CMN/ZMF functionality

Dr Chgman's Cmn2Go for ChangeMan ZMFREAD MORE

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