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There is a lot of content to discover and explore at Finding your way around may be overwhelming at first. That's why you should consider checking out some recommended website content that fits best with the way(s) you use ChangeMan ZMF.


ChangeMan ZMF Administrators

ChangeMan ZMF administrators are the ones who are in charge for installing and implementing ChangeMan ZMF at a specific site, so that it fits (as much as possible) the site's requirements. Apart from these tasks, they also apply maintenance (i.e. upgrading to new releases and/or fix levels) and develop all sorts of enhancements (commonly called customizations) for a specific ChangeMan ZMF implementation.


ChangeMan ZMF Users

ChangeMan ZMF Users are the actual users of ChangeMan ZMF, whereas they typically use ChangeMan ZMF in their daily job as developers, project managers, testers, etc. Their usages of ChangeMan ZMF is typically limited to functions such as checkout, stage, audit, freeze and promote.


Release managers

Release managers facilitate the provisioning of correct baselines to be deployed in selected pre-production environments and production environments. Quite often they are also the final approvers of (planned) change packages.


ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk operators

People at a ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk are the ones responsible for keeping an operational ChangeMan ZMF implementation up and running (not to be confused with the ChangeMan ZMF administrators or those who apply maintenance and enhancements to an existing ChangeMan ZMF implementation). They handle all sorts of support calls, and perform routine maintenance in ChangeMan ZMF, such as application administration.


IT Auditors

IT auditors should take advantage of all sorts of information (events, rules, etc) contained by ChangeMan ZMF (its control files). However it is not obvious to do so for occasional ChangeMan ZMF users (such as the IT auditors). That is why they often depend on the ChangeMan ZMF administrators to get access to the information they are looking for.


Operations control

Operations control people are those who are responsible for keeping the operational systems running. Quite often they are also the final approvers of (unplanned) change packages. They typically don't have a lot of experience as a ChangeMan ZMF user (also because they are rather occasional users).

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