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Checkout the results of a scan

ChangeMan ZMF offers a very powerfull scan facility, which allows you to search for a set of members in a baseline library that contain a certain string. However, if you want to perform an action on these members (especially if you want to check them out), you have to write down the member names included in the scan results (which is just a report ... of sometimes hundreds of component names).

It should be possible to automate the process of checking out (to a staging or private library) the members included in a scan result. So that you can use this in situations like these:


Locate a component in CMN/ZMF libraries

Test environments typically use concatenations of promotion (or shadow) libraries concatenated ahead of production (or baseline libraries). When an application in a test environment produces unexpected results, it is usually caused by old versions of a component still hanging around in one of the promotion (or shadow) libraries  in the concatenation list. That's where the ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk calls typically come in.


Browse a component in any CMN/ZMF library

ChangeMan ZMF manages various types of datasets, likes staging libraries, promotion-, production- and baseline liraries, etc. Wouldn't it be great to have some type of browser to just browse (or view) any of these datasets from within a single ISPF panel? Maybe also some related datasets like Xnode DSNs, CMN100 reports, etc.?



Perform powerful CMN/ZMF operations from a single ISPF panel

Dr Chgman's Z-Apps for ChangeMan ZMFREAD MORE

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