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Limbo packages with install date passed

Anybody knows this issue, which is about all non-BAS packages that have a planned installed date that's somewhere in the past. It's entered on the last panel to create a package, or updated via the U7 panel.


Issues in nearly any ChangeMan ZMF environment

Dr Chgman's - Issues in nearly any ChangeMan ZMF environmentWe've been providing consulting services about ChangeMan ZMF (CMN/ZMF) for over 2 decades now. It keeps being fun to see how each CMN/ZMF customer always has some type of unique requirements, special customizations, etc. Not to speak about all the challenges that come with each release upgrade of CMN/ZMF (I started on release 3.2.1b in 1990, recently I was involved in an upgrade to the latest and greatest 7.1.x release).


ChangeMan ZMF 7.x - Measure customization upgrade progress

Dr Chgman's Z-Reports for reporting in ChangeMan ZMF

To measure the progress of upgrading all customizations during a ChangeMan ZMF 7.x upgrade project, I've created a ChangeMan ZMF report that our manager seems to like a lot. It took me about 2 (maybe 3?) minutes to "develop" it, using AbitMORE SCM Reporting.


Only show promotion candidates in selective promote

For at least a decade or so, there is a feature available in ChangeMan ZMF (probably from around version 5.3 or so) which is more or less "hidden" in CMNEX027, with a very misleading comment in it. It appears that hardly anybody knows about that hidden feature. By turning it on, during selective promote ChangeMan ZMF will only show a subset of components that can be promoted. I.e. it will only show components that fit any of these criteria:


Short selection list for selective promote in pre-ZMF 7.1

Dr Chgman's Z-Redbook documentation for ChangeMan ZMFThe ChangeMan ZMF 7.1 release notes contain a short note with a title like "Short selection list for selective promote", related to an option added to the promotion panel. However, for about a decade or so, a variation of that feature is already available in ZMF (probably from around 5.3 or so).


User defined relationships

Create a SCMBeans solution to make ChangeMan ZMF create and maintain a Bill Of Material for selected (like source) library types, using a technique that was first introduced in AbitMORE SCM for IDMS/ADSO.

This Bill Of Material can then be used:


Z-Wiki Categories

Dr. Chgman's Z-Wiki categoriesAll items (topics) available within the Z-Wiki area, are classified by category, i.e.:


Using ChangeMan ZMF - Advanced topics

Advanced functions and uses of ChangeMan ZMF, providing lots of details about all sorts of advanced ChangeMan ZMF functions.

  • Simple, participating and complex packages
  • Temporary and unplanned package concepts
  • Resolve any audit out-of-synch conditions
  • Merge & Reconcile (M+R, formerly CDF)
  • Utility requests (scratch and rename)
  • Unfreeze, Recompile, and Relink
  • Scan and compare
  • Package Monitor and Backout functions
  • LCT card processing (for developers)
  • Understandinging the translation utility CMNWRITE
  • DB2 option
Duration (hours): 

Temporarily disable FRZ, REV and APR

Sometimes a certain group of ChangeMan ZMF users (like ChangeMan ZMF admins, release managers, …) need to perform a special operation (usually planned, though sometimes unplanned). To do so, it may be that during such operations certain ChangeMan ZMF operations (e.g.: package freeze, package approve, revert to DEV, etc) cannot be used by any ChangeMan ZMF user. Shutting down ChangeMan ZMF entirely obviously is an option. But what about those situations where just shutting down the entire ChangeMan ZMF system (for a few hours or so in the middle of the day?) is not an option?


ChangeMan ZMF Administrators

ChangeMan ZMF administrators are the ones who are in charge for installing and implementing ChangeMan ZMF at a specific site, so that it fits (as much as possible) the site's requirements. Apart from these tasks, they also apply maintenance (i.e. upgrading to new releases and/or fix levels) and develop all sorts of enhancements (commonly called customizations) for a specific ChangeMan ZMF implementation.

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