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Issues in nearly any ChangeMan ZMF environment

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Dr Chgman's - Issues in nearly any ChangeMan ZMF environmentWe've been providing consulting services about ChangeMan ZMF (CMN/ZMF) for over 2 decades now. It keeps being fun to see how each CMN/ZMF customer always has some type of unique requirements, special customizations, etc. Not to speak about all the challenges that come with each release upgrade of CMN/ZMF (I started on release 3.2.1b in 1990, recently I was involved in an upgrade to the latest and greatest 7.1.x release).

But what surprises me again and again at each (repeat each) of these CMN/ZMF customers, is that they all seem to have at least 10 issues in common. At least if they have been using CMN/ZMF operationally for some years (say between 2 years and 2 decades). Don't get me wrong, these issues are not because of their CMN/ZMF admins not doing a good job, or because of CMN/ZMF not being a great product. No, I think it's simply because CMN/ZMF is like a garden, which you need to weed occasionally (ideally even daily). And such CMN/ZMF maintenance requires the right tools to do so. By the way, I love gardening, especially at this time of the year where you see the fruit of your labor. Here is my top 10 of CMN/ZMF issues showing up in nearly any CMN/ZMF environment:

  1. Limbo packages with install date passed
  2. Some packages remain in DEV for years (or forever …)
  3. Non-BAS packages hanging around (from people who quit)
  4. Empty packages
  5. Dead checkouts and dead stage requests (= performed long time ago)
  6. Missing stg libs (defer bit), empty stg libs or forgotten (housekeeping) stg libs
  7. Small package aging parms conflicts with reporting needs
  8. Outdated user options (or invalid user option values)
  9. BAS pkgs with missing package activity dates (invalid restarts)
  10. Outdated appl admin entries (LTPs, DSNs, entities, etc)


  • the above list is not just incomplete, but far from complete!
  • the longer you use CMN/ZMF, the more these issues grow!