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Z-Reports On Demand

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Z-Reports On Demand is about creating a customized version of any of the Z-Reports, so that such report (and/or graph) perfectly fits the ChangeMan ZMF reporting requirement. Developing (on demand) a brand new report (or graph) that fits into the Z-Reports category (and where it will be added to also) is a variation of it.



The ChangeMan ZMF documentation is probably in here ...

Dr.Chgman's Z-Wiki documentation for ChangeMan ZMFThe Z-Wiki (for short the Z-Wiki, pronounced as zwiki) contains all sorts of information and in depth documentation about ChangeMan ZMF, not included in standard ChangeMan ZMF manuals. This kind of documentation was typically produced by experienced ChangeMan ZMF administrators and consultants.



Dr Chgman's Z-Redbook documentation for ChangeMan ZMFNo matter how good and complete user and/or admin manuals are, there will probably always be issues, questions, etc that have not been documented. However, quite a bit (maybe even 'MORE'?) topics seem to come back in various ChangeMan ZMF implementations. Addressing those issues and questions is the main purpose of this Z-Redbook section, which includes guidance and implementation experiences.



Dr Chgman's Z-Practices documentation for ChangeMan ZMFChangeMan ZMF is a very rich software product, there are different ways to implement it, customize it, and to just keep it running. Many of them with its pros and cons. However, over the past 2 decades or so, certain approaches seem to have worked better then other approaches. This sections covers various topics that fit into this Z-Practices category, including DOs and DONTs.



Dr Chgman's Z-RecipesSometimes you can achieve amazing results in using vanilla features, simply by using these features in a special way (that the ChangeMan ZMF developers may not even have thought about when designing / developing ChangeMan ZMF).



Dr Chgman's Z-Deficiencies documentation for ChangeMan ZMFNot one software product is perfect, there will always be known issues that hopefully will get resolved in the next release of the software. However, if you ever run into such issues, and then afterward talk about it to somebody, that peer may answer with something like "oh yes, I know that issue, I've run into the exact same problem!".



Dr Chgman's Z-Support services for ChangeMan ZMFAt we have a range of services available to you and your business, ensuring anything in the Z-Factory or Z-Wiki works for you each time, every time. We offer services for professionals as well as services for enterprises.


Basic Z-Support services

Migrating to the various items in the Z-Factory or the Z-Wiki isn't about starting your ChangeMan ZMF implementation all over again.'s support team can help you preserve your existing customizations as well as migrating or configuring selected items in the Z-Factory or the Z-Wiki from one release of ChangeMan ZMF to another release. That way you can take advantage of the elegance and efficiency of these items. Our expert support team is here to help you make the most of ChangeMan ZMF and


Migration services

Some of the benefits of using the items in the Z-Factory or Z-Wiki in the enterprise are: lower costs, greater operational efficiencies, increased availability and happy ChangeMan ZMF users.'s Migration Services will ensure that you see these benefits when integrating selected Z-Factory or Z-Wiki items in your ChangeMan ZMF environment.


Advanced Z-Support services offers a high level of quality support to professional individuals who make more advanced use of We understand that proficient users of the Z-Factory or the Z-Wiki need responsive support and definitive solutions to their issues. So we have gathered our team of knowledgeable experts to give you the support you need.

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