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Z-Support services for enterprises

Life saverProviding peace of mind for enterprises, the items from the Z-Factory or the Z-Wiki with Z-Support services gives your enterprise greater security, higher performance and more capability for substantially less money than proprietary alternatives.


Starter Z-Support services

If you are new to ChangeMan ZMF or, the Starter Z-Support Service will help you get comfortable. We'll share a range of tips and tricks, and provide you with valuable advice on how to get started.


Z-Support services for professionals

Life saverOur services help you get the most out of the Z-Factory or the Z-Wiki. We get beginners up and running and give advanced users guidance with more complex usage, offering advice and support for each step along the way.


Premium Service Engineer

A Premium Service Engineer provides you with a dedicated (and ChangeMan ZMF ...) expert whose priority is your business needs. Someone who knows your ChangeMan ZMF environments and is on hand to work with your team to avoid any disruptions to your ChangeMan ZMF subsystems. This person is a named contact who builds up knowledge of your environment by working closely with your team.


Keep LSTs readable via unique &&LISTxyz

If you do NOT always have unique &&LIST-DSNs to store staging outputs (like SYSPRINTs) in the compressed listing (using PGM=SERPRINT), you'll end up with a compressed listing where multiple staging outputs are mixed together within the same (hard to read) area of the compressed listing. So how can you automatically prevent this from ever happening again?


Create memberlists to improve Xnode processing

The ChangeMan ZMF Xnode DSNs are the jobs that are created by ChangeMan ZMF, typically during freeze and/or final approve, to perform all life cycle steps starting from distribute, install, etc. For each package, one such DSNs gets created for each remote site in which the package is to be installed.

The process to create the members (jobs) in the Xnode DSNs is based (heavily) on ISPF's file tailoring services (FTINCL for short). These services allow you to easily customize the content of all those Xnode jobs using straight forward ISPF skeleton customizations. You can even create your own Xnode members!


Analyse the content of a package

Many ChangeMan ZMF processes (like checkout, promote, install, etc) perform special processing for specific library types, and this via special jobsteps. Quite often this is implemented using all sorts of ISPF skeleton customisations. That's why in skeletons like CMN20, CMN30, CMN50, CMN$$RPM, etc you will find a lot of coding with lots of ')SEL' and ')DOT' statements, to process specific library types. As time goes by, more and more of such coding is added, which makes those skeletons hard to maintain, and which also makes performance (of FTINCL) go down (not to speak about increasing CPU resources). So what can you do to keep control over this type of skeleton customisations?


ChangeMan ZMF Xnode members + jobflow

To perform an install/backout or a promote/demote, ChangeMan ZMF uses a set of data sets for executing all required jobs.

  • The member names of these PDS members, which follow a certain naming convention.
  • The jobs contained in such PDS members (to actually promote, install, demote, backout, etc), and how they get triggered (jobflow).
  • Jobs that run locally (on the DP site) and jobs that run remotely (on the target site, if using remote sites).
  • Jobs that are always executed, and jobs that are only executed based on some conditions.
  • How to tune (customize) ChangeMan ZMF to create and submit your own additional PDS members in such data sets.
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Add restart instructions in Xnode jobs

A possible solution to eliminate these difficulties is to add restart instructions in all appropriate Xnode members, so that these instructions are available in any job listing of any Xnode job that may have to be restarted.



Reusable software components to facilitate developing additional CMN/ZMF customizations

Dr Chgman's SCMBeans for ChangeMan ZMFREAD MORE

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